"The Man on TV" - Trailer

Trailer for "The Man on TV"; a one-man show, written and performed by Graham Shelby, which chronicles the author's interactions with his biological father who he first saw on TV. Through fact, fiction, and a muddled combination of the two, Graham Shelby seeks to answer a question which has followed him his entire life: who was the man on TV?

2015 House of Patrick - Historian Project

Students from the House of Patrick share their thoughts on the 2014-2015 school year at HLS.

Forget Me Not

A flower must find its way back to the girl who rejected it.

Created during the GSA program by Edward Boomershine, Savannah Mecum, and Monon Rahman.


A young man learns the pros and cons of procrastination. The film won "Best Animated Short" at the LFPL Film Festival and was one of 12 showcased films.

My GSA Story

A video essay about my experiences at the 2014 and 2015 Governor's School for the Arts in Danville, Kentucky.

The Man on TV - Photo Montage

A photo montage made for use in Graham Shelby's autobiographical, one-man show, The Man on TV. Displaying images of both fictional and nonfictional soldiers, the montage was presented as a primer for Shelby's tale of what happens when America goes to war.

Green Green Grass

One man learns that you can dream big, but sometimes it doesn't work out. This was filmed in January 2012 for the Bellewood Youth Film Festival. Not only did it score 1st place but it also won the "Faculty Choice" award. 

"Chicago" - Frank Sinatra

A music video for the song "Chicago" by Frank Sinatra, shot and edited by Edward Boomershine.